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Illegally Parked Tankers

Three weeks ago, this wasnt even a road.

just a kacha path. where all the oil/water tankers stood, flanking, what was left of the road, on both sides.

Illegally Parked tankers

Then the construction started. the tankers were removed*by some work of a miracle*. the workers came in with all their tar/coal and stuff to build a road on this kaccha path.

we breathed a sigh of relief. maybe the tankers that stood hideously just outside our apartment building were really gone. maybe all the thak-thak of the tanker wallas clanging their hammers on the tankers was really gone.

we were wrong.

barely a week has passed since the road was constructed and the tankers are at it again. there’s a whole line of them now, that extends as far as the eye can see. all that material put in the road construction, the efforts of the manual labour, so much time, so much money: all wasted.

what’s the use of this road now?

the tanker walla’s have stayed their ground. the tankers will not move. and they will completely destroy the newly constructed road.

and here i was thinking, maybe, just maybe, the view from outside my window, will improve.

Mariyam Khan Baloch

Note: This picture is of the residential area overlooking the Sheerin-Jinnah Colony in Clifton Block 1 Karachi. The residents of this locality have to bear noise, air and visual pollution everyday due to the illegally parked tankers. the court has taken notice of this issue. a separate area has been assigned for the tanker people. but they’re still here, qabzofying the roads. For more information on this issue please read the following article