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Im just thinking here. Just letting my thought process flow.

The other day i randomly remembered watching this meme on facebook, this guy who’s taking off his glasses and going “Mother of God”

Though the meme in itself might be funny, it were those three words that really triggered this.

Mother of God.

As a Muslim, I know that God is One: Allah. He has no mother, no father, no children or any other partner.

God. So where did He come from? (you see, im only asking those questions that randomly pop up in one’s brain but we seldom voice them)

My brain and heart answer it this way: He was always there.

Always There.

whoa. I mean, ok, i know our concepts of time and relativity are pretty warped up, what seems like an hour to me might seem like an eternity to someone else, but Always There?

(the following image would explain the relativity of time way better)


My brain is too weak to comprehend this. It means after I accept this, I accept how powerful He really is.

If He’s been always there, then He must have made everything in the Universe.

This. Whole. Universe.

(Screw the Big Bang Theory, the world can not have popped out of nowhere without a reason)

Universes, galaxies, planets, stars, mountains, rivers, deserts, creatures, humans, every single thing..

Where does that leave me?

Naturally, if i accepted that claim, I’d feel so insignificant compared to the rest of the Universe.  What am i compared to the rest of the universe? Not even a speck of dust? Even that is too large..

It leaves me in a very humble state.

I mean if THAT is God, then who am i to consider myself so self-sufficient? or anyone who walks on this planet as if they own it?

And if He created this world, He can take it back too right? People die dont they? Where do they go after that?

The world can’t have been made in jest, can it? It cant have just popped into being. There must have been a reason behind all this.

Or what if this isnt really real? What if this is a dream, and all of us are dreaming, and when we die we actually wake up?

I know im loosing track of the main point here, but like i said, im just letting my thought process flow.

Ok. Feelings. He must have created feelings. Or were they Already There too.

Love, He created love, anger, jealousy, mercy, kindness and loads of other feelings that i can’t think of right now.

How Powerful He is. If He’s so Powerful, so Mighty how come He’s blessed such an insignificant, non-important (is that even a word?) person like me with so much? like, SO much?

I can see, i can speak, walk, think, write, heck I’m alive! like I said, SO much.

Why would a great power, The Great Power, even notice me? Moreover, how can He pay attention to every single person at the same time? I’m not the only one who’s been blessed with so much..

I remember a line from an Islamiyat book they used to teach from in school, it said that God loves you 70 times more than your own mother.

(and if you look at the previous image the other way round..)

This too, is too hard for me to comprehend. After all, one of the strongest thing in this world is a mother’s love, or just plain love right?

It just reinforces His power. He made the universe didnt he, how can it not be possible for Him to deal with so many people at the same time?

And if God, a Great, Powerful Being, is doing so much for me, who am i to be thankless? or ungrateful? or fret over umimportant stuff? who am i not to love Him back? or to deem this world more important than its Creator?

I mean, after realizing the claim, this world, and all the problems, stigmas, insecurities and everything attached to it seems so..  frivolous. 

In the end, my body may die, but my soul will be alive, it will have to return to Him.

Thats what the Quran says right? All of us have to return to Him oneday and give an account of what we did in this life.

our bodies may rot but our souls will be alive.

When i accept that Allah, All-Powerful, has been Always There, then, well, i guess i just understood one of life’s greatest mysteries.

Yeay me!

Hey im just thinking you know, just letting my thought process wander a little into murky waters..