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So what if you entered a darkened tunnel?

So what if you left everything behind?

So what if your hands are empty?

So what if your clothes are tattered?

So what if you don’t know where the tunnel leads?

So what if you’re tired, hungry and sleepy?

You know now that you have more space to carry new things now that your hands are empty.

You have a chance to get new clothes now that your clothes are dirty.

You’ve realised the importance of being blessed with food now that you’ve experienced hunger.

You’ve realised the importance of sleep now that you’ve gone without it for weeks.

You have a chance at a new life, now that you’ve left the old one behind.

And you’ll realise the importance of light, after being submerged in darkness for so long.

For you know now, that there is light at the end of every tunnel, and you’re going to find that light.