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Part 1:

She stood on the river bank, listening to the gushing of the water, the spray hitting her face every now
and then. The river looked wide enough. She could cross it. She would cross it. She made up her mind.

Taking a deep breath she put one toe in the water, only to pull it back, the water was cold. She looked
around. There was nobody in sight.

She took another deep breath, and thought about how far she’d come from there to here. Now on the
brink of revelation, she couldn’t just give up. She couldn’t just throw it all away.

And she wanted to know if the grass was greener on the other side didn’t she? Didn’t she?

So why was she hesitating? She rethought, for about the zillionth time, was it worth leaving everything
behind? What if she drowned halfway? She wasn’t that good a swimmer.

And what if the grass wasn’t greener in the other side?

Questions, questions , questions.

Well, she thought, bracing herself as she prepared to jump, she wouldn’t know unless she tried now did

And then she jumped.

Part 2:

She was drowning. She wanted air. She struggled to stay afloat. Her clothes were pulling her down, she
swallowed the sweet river water, and she was drowning.

That’s what she got for crossing this thing alone. She hadn’t even informed anyone she was going to do
this, she thought bitterly.

She resurfaced, only for a moment and called out for help, but her cries were muffled.

Who would hear her? There was no one around for miles. She hadn’t told anyone, she thought bitterly,
and now she was going to die. And she wasn’t even halfway there.

Wasn’t there something she could hold on to? A rock? A branch?

Oh God, she thought frantically, please let her find something. Please let her find something to hold on
to, she didn’t want to drown, she didn’t want to die. Not yet, please not yet,

The water was entering her eyes, her lungs, breathing was becoming difficult.

She was being pulled along the water. The river had become her enemy.