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To be truly lost in a cause, you forget the world around you.

It fades into the background and leaves the Subject shining invitingly.

The Subject’s light pulls at you, and you move to the center, helplessly attracted.

The protesting voices and the consequences are silenced.

They twinkle silently, an unheeded reminder of what could go wrong. And yet you keep moving towards the Subject.

You feel the gut instinct, you feel your heart telling you the Subject is worth it.

Your heart tells you to believe in the Subject, for you deserve it.

And that my friend is what we call ishq, to loose oneself, to surrender so completely and yet get so much more in return.

The white, pure beauty and grace flashes in front of your eyes, and
you feel the heat escaping, peace spreading and a coolness embracing you..

And you open your eyes to find the Subject still standing there.

And that is when you realize the world doesn’t matter anymore. It’s just you and the Subject.

The world just doesn’t matter anymore.