She sat staring at the wall in front of her. An ant was climbing up this wall. She decided to follow the ant’s course.

So small it was, so fragile. If she would, she could crush it with her bare fingers. And one whole world would be destroyed at this action of her’s.

A whole world. An ant’s world.

So big it would be for the for the ant, so huge.

The ant was halfway up the wall. She blew a little on the ant. It struggled, but it held on. She blew harder and the ant fell.

So easy it was to pick on someone so small, she thought. So easy to make them fall.

The ant had fallen on its back and was struggling to right itself. It did, after a moment. And, as if deciding what to do, it started to climb the wall again.

So small it was, yet so determined? It fell down but refused to stay there?

If an ant, being so small, and so apparently insignificant, could be so determined, how could a human, so powerful in his own being, do so? How could a human, after facing a fall, refuse to stand up?