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Lost in the darkness, she flails out her arms, just to see if there’s someone out there. Is there?

She turns this way and that. She cries out, but there’s no reply.

Dark, alone and so hopeless, she starts to cry. She feels a wall, huddles up and starts to cry. There’s no one there.

Who will hear her cries? Who?

It’s still dark, she gives up hope. What is she? Who is she for? She needed to belong, she’d been homeless too long, wandering far and wide without an anchor. She needed to belong.

But people were fickle, unreliable and just plain wrong. You couldn’t trust anyone. What was the use of belonging to someone who only let you down?

She cries, gasping and sobbing uncontrollably. She can’t even see her own hands, it’s so dark.

Suddenly, she sees a point of light far away, too tiny to perceive as real. But it grows stronger, as if, moving towards her. Brilliant white light, coming towards her.

She stops crying and wipes her eyes to look at it more clearly.

This is something else. It’s something else.

The light grows stronger, it comes closer. So brilliant, so blinding, she shields her eyes against it.

The light engulfs her.

It’s cool, she feels peace spreading inside her. All doubts are silenced, all chaos is destroyed, all questions have been answered.

She belongs. She always has, to the Light. She never truly opened her eyes. Her heart always knew it, she never listened to her heart.

She always had a home to return to, she always had an anchor.

She now knew. She saw the Light. She belonged to the Light.

*Be strong, love. You’ll find the Light*