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The cocoon splits open. Sunlight streams inside, lighting every single inch.

She feels the warmth spreading through her. Too tired. She doesn’t want to wake up.

The light’s beckoning her, tickling her. She’s still in that dream-like state. She still thinks she’s dreaming. She still thinks it’s dark.

Where’s the Light coming from? How does she feel warm in a place so cold?

She opens her eyes and tries to sheild them immediately with her hands, blinded from the light. And sits up with a jolt.

They’re not sickly, crawly hands! They’re wings! She has wings!

She laughs out loud, amazed. She stops abruptly, maybe this is a part of her dream? It had been dark for so long, how could it just end?

She tries to spread her wings. Cracks from the cocoon fall to the ground. And they keep spreading. Such long, beautiful, strong wings!

She stands up, still unwilling to believe it as real, unwilling to believe the darkest  hour had indeed come to pass. She takes a deep breath.

A little doubt creeps into her mind..

What if… this was’nt real?

What if… she couldn’t fly?

What if… her wings were defected?

She squashes the thoughts. She has to try, give it a chance atleast. And she jumps.

She soars! She’s flying! It comes so naturally to her, as if, she knew this all along, as if she was made for this.

She’s in the skies now. She found the Light.