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Dated: 24 May 2012 

Meaningless. So meaningless. Everything around you.

Wrapped in their own world. Caged in their own bubble. Too afraid to reach out.

Too weak to raise your voice, in fear of being silenced. So meaningless.

Wandering without a purpose.

You work and work. For what? For money? For family? For the world? Where’s your purpose? Where are you headed?

No time to pause and reflect. This fast-paced world is just going to make you one of the machines. Lost in the crowd. One of the countless. Just making their way through life. A mundane life, without a meaning, without a goal.

Battered into a hundred directions, always followed the wrong road, always on the wrong path.

Which one’s yours?

Is it really there? Do you have a path?

Do you deserve a path? Who are you anyway? What are you worth? To everyone? To humanity? To God?