“Ah but that is where the problem lies betaji. You are too selfless. The self is an essential part of the being. If you eliminate yourself from the equation then your life will be meaningless. By putting yourself first you bring balance to the equation. That is how it is sustainable.”

“Uncleji let me ask you something. What is the self? What is the nature of this self? Is this self constructive or destructive? Maybe self isn’t self at all. Maybe self, the concept of self, its existence is a proof that evil exists. For evil hates compassion. Kindness and mercy are virtues to be cherished Uncleji. These virtues are your Rabb’s nature. Removing oneself from the equation would be the answer, it would be the solution”

“Betaji, these are the talks of the ancients, of the sages, of high people, pure people. Normal people like you and me can never achieve this level. It is too hard for average people like you and me.”

“Uncleji, this thinking is what keeps us from trying. All the people you mentioned were people! Normal ordinary people like you and me. They tried. They tried and Allah showed them the way. We can at least try.”

“Yes, yes, betaji, that is all true but right now you are too young. Enjoy your life right now. Don’t let religion shackle you. Have fun. There will be a lot of time for religion later. You can do it all when you reach my age”

“How do I know I’m going to reach your age Uncleji? How do I know I would live to see the next day? I don’t even control my own life, how can I say with surety that I would survive to do all that? Change starts now Uncleji. Its starts the moment you realize it is needed. That is the turning point Uncleji. Life is short. I’d need to make the most of it.”